Prayer Network

The Annunciation Parish Prayer Network offers support to parishioners and the community through the power of prayer. Anyone is welcome to make a prayer network request for a special intention. See the bottom of this page to find out how to submit a request. 


A request from Jennie Bainbridge: I have several people that I would appreciate prayers for. The first is my sister-in-law (whose husband just died in January). She is in the hospital with stage 4 renal failure. They are moving her to hospice care. The others are: Loretta in hospital for severe pain, Ronnie for eye surgery and Dave for eye surgery. Dave has already lost one eye and I ask prayers that they can save this other one. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.

A request from Diana Braun: Mary Lou Schmidt called in to ask for prayers for her husband, Bill Schmidt
who is in the hospital and needs prayers for healing.

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for a lady that was diagnosed with breast cancer and is having
a mastectomy on Wednesday. She lives in Louisville and works with my granddaughter. She has a young child.

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for a gentleman by the name of Chuck who was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He can't have surgery until he has 45 days of chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor.

A request from Becky Loehr: A young girl, Julie, is 8-9 weeks pregnant.  She has scheduled an abortion next week. Please pray that she has a change of heart and realizes this is the greatest gift she will ever receive here on earth.  I may never know the outcome as I don’t know her.
Thank you.

A request from Ellen Hegeman: I have a prayer request for a good friend of ours, Arrol, who was recently diagnosed with a head and neck cancer. Please pray for a good response to the chosen treatment regimen.

A request from Becky Loehr: I’d like to ask for prayers for two friends of mine who both have a mothers-in-law who are gravely ill.  Please pray if it’s God’s will that they would recover quickly and if their journey here on earth is done ….. that God opens his arms to welcome them and remove their pain. 

As we prepare for the Lenten Parish Mission series quickly approaching, may our community be open, willing, and desirous to come and be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  May each one encounter another who communicates God's presence among us, which always will guide towards unity in Him.

Please pray for Jennie Bainbridge's nephew's 2 yr. old son who was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and vomiting.  His name is Aiden. Pray he doesn't have the

Tony Neumann asked for prayers for his grandson's mother-in-law, Anne Louiska Bates who had a stroke. Please pray for her recovery.

Please add to the prayer list the husband of a coworker. He was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and she (parishioner's coworker) is dealing with her own health issues.

Please pray for the students who will begin preparing for Confirmation in the spring- that their desire be set aflame for the glory of God.

Please keep Mike Casalene and family in your prayers. He will be having surgery this week. 

Ann Britt is having heart surgery Monday and would appreciate prayers that all goes well.

Our Parishioner, Bill Nailin is back in the hospital and has asked for prayers from everyone on the prayer chain.

A parishioner asks for prayers for a grandaughter (5 months pregnant) who is having a problem with her pregnancy.

A parishioner, Paul Jones requested prayers for his wife and granddaughter. His wife,  Edna Jones,  has dementia and his granddaughter, Jamie Woebkenberg (28) has three young children and has just been diagnosed with MS.

Please pray for a young mom who is the victim of domestic violence and is struggling to make good decisions for herself and her traumatized children.

Please pray for the people of Houston and throughout Texas and the south whose lives have been shattered by Hurricane Harvey. Please pray for the safety of all those currently in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Please also pray for my son Joshua Small (CTK graduate) and his wife Hannah who just moved to Ave Maria, FL last month and are in the possible path of the Irma. Thank you! Jane Small

A request from Mary Britt: Please pray for me as I will be having some cardiac tests.

Fr. Alex has requested prayers for healing and strength for Jerry Moeller who has just received a cancer diagnosis.




E-mail your request to Mary-Beth Owen at or Andrea Tepool at You can also call Andrea to make a request at 812/476-9562. Prayer network members commit to offer prayers for these intentions; If you would like to be a prayer network member, please contact Mary-Beth or Andrea to be added to the group.