Prayer Network

The Annunciation Parish Prayer Network offers support to parishioners and the community through the power of prayer. Anyone is welcome to make a prayer network request for a special intention. See the bottom of this page to find out how to submit a request. 


Request from Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for my grandchildren's father who was just diagnosed with cancer of the groin. They think it is in his bones. He is having further test this week. Their mother has abandoned them and he is their life line.

Louise Carter, daughter of our parishioner, Jim Lambert,  is requesting prayers for a complete recovery for Jim.

A request from Becky Loehr: Please pray for 10 year old Charlie.  He recently broke his leg and when they were setting the bone, they discovered that he has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).   He has a long road in front of him that will begin at the end of this month.  Please pray that the doctors will be able to remove the cancer and that it hasn’t spread.  Thank you.

And a request from Diana Braun: Our parishioner, Rita Fairchild requests prayers for son, Patrick Fairchild, who is having health issues. He will be starting tests this week. Please pray for good results.

Our parishioner, Paul Jones requested prayers for his wife Edna Jones, who was admitted to the hospital. Please pray for healing for Edna.

Please pray for a young mother recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for her doctors to choose the best course of treatment and for her complete recovery.  And pray for courage and strength for her family as they go through her journey along with her.

 Please pray for the family of John and Gail Dunn, their daughters Holly and Heather and their families on the unexpected loss of their oldest daughter and sister, Kathy Dunn Jagielski.

 And prayers for all those traveling over this busy holiday; keep them safe and secure so families can celebrate and give thanks together tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

A special request from Becky Loehr: I’m asking for a prayer for one another on this incredible prayer chain.  This is a rough time of year for so many that we may be called upon more now than ever to ask for God’s comforting arms around many people.  Let’s say an extra prayer as often as we can for those people who believe they have no reason to celebrate the season.  People who are lonely or scared.  People who want so badly to buy all the special foods or gifts or the season but find that they just have to ‘get by’ once again.  So let’s say a prayer for one another.  A prayer that though we may be busy doing this and that ….. we take a moment each day thanking God for OUR treasures and asking Him to hold closely those who need it most.

A request from Kristy Davidson: Please pray for good results from my biopsy.

A request from Becky Loehr: I’d like to ask for prayers for a man with irreversible health issues.  Please pray for him as he takes this long journey and for his family that they might have the strength and courage to walk beside him for as long as they can.

Please pray for the family of Deacon Francis Hillenbrand and Fr. Kenny Herr. Deacon Francis passed away on Saturday. He served Christ the King Church for many years. He was 97 years old and always had a joke for every occasion. Fr. Herr died November 12.

From Mary Helen Laval: Please pray for her cousin who lives in Thousand Oaks, California and had to evacuate her home last night due to the wildfires. Please pray that she and others in the path of this fire are spared from harm and destruction.  Please also pray for the victims, their families and friends of the horrific shootings in Thousand Oaks.

From Lynn Deputy: Please pray for the Indiana family who lost their three children at the bus stop this week.

From Pam Miller: Please add my son Andrew to the prayer list. He is having knee surgery Friday at noon.

A request from Ellen Hegeman for prayers for healing for her husband John.

A request for prayers for Addison Gilberg, daughter of Josh and Katie Gilberg. Addison was born at 25 weeks. Pray for her to grow bigger and stronger.

Please pray for those Confirmandi who will receive Confirmation in March. Those who will begin preparation as a group will be: Max Ante, Madeline Breivogel, Sydney Breivogel, Livia Cooley, Ava Edwards, Joseph Gutierrez, Patrick Stratman, Emma Horstman, Kyleigh Mayer, Omar Millan, Elizabeth Ossenberg, Cole Schnell, Olivia Seibert, Natalie Padilla, Kayla Srinivasan, Cherish Vasquez, Jacob Woebkenberg, and Eli Wuerth.

From Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for my niece's son. He has cirrhosis of the liver. Also, please pray for my friend that was in a serious car accident yesterday. The prognosis is not good.

A parishioner, Paul Jones, requested prayers for healing. He will be having neck surgery on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Please pray for a successful surgery and a complete recovery.

A request from Pam Miller: Please pray for my niece. She is having surgery tomorrow. Please pray for her surgical team as well.

A request from parishioners, Tom & Charleen Kaelin:  for healing and peace for Bill Gilbert who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Please pray for a parishioner who has an upcoming surgery. May God guide the surgeon as well as the healing process.

Parishioner Maury Reising requests prayers as she undergoes chemo treatment. Please pray for healing and strength.

A request from Mary Greenwell: She requests prayers for her daughter, Lynette Wixon, who has had some health issues recently. Please pray for healing.

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for a lady name Bubbles (nickname) who had  a Ventricular Assist Device yesterday while waiting for a heart transplant. She is 40 and has a strong family history of heart problems. 

A request from Becky Loehr: Please add Tony to the prayer chain --- the father of a good friend of mine here at work.  Tomorrow he’ll have surgery --- please pray for the skillful hands of the surgeon and a quick and complete recovery for Tony.  I would also ask for prayers for my friend, Michelle and her family that they have peace in their hearts at this time.

For a young man in his teens battling brain cancer and complications while recovering from a related surgery.

Please pray for Bill Wittgen who is having some health issues.

A request from Becky Loehr: I’m asking for prayers for my sister’s father-in-law.  He’s been waiting over a month now for open heart surgery. They have considered him ‘high risk’ so please keep him in your prayers for any procedure and recovery.

A request from Becky Loehr: A few weeks ago I asked for prayers for Paul.  He has brain cancer and in tremendous pain.  Morphine every 15 minutes is not working.  Please pray that God relieves his pain and takes him home.  

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: I am asking for prayers for my husband who is having a difficult time and my daughter-in-law who is going through a battery of tests because she is in a lot of pain. Thank you for your prayers.

A request from Diana Braun: A parishioner, Maury Reising is requesting prayers for her surgery on July 12 and after-care/recovery.

Please pray for Betty Alvey.  She is currently struggling with pneumonia.

From Becky Loehr: Please pray for my friend Linda.   She is having gallbladder surgery.   

From Diana Braun: A parishioner requested prayers for a special intention for healing and good test results on a young college age young woman. 

From Julie Rosario: With all of the negative, harmful, and hurtful events happening near our southern border, let us offer up what we can for the leaders of our nation who have the responsibility of protecting and supporting the life of her citizens.  God, please help each individual citizen to tend to the needs of those seeking shelter in a violent world, in the way You would prefer. Let us offer up prayers for families who are dealing with separation and anxiety.  Let us offer up prayers for those who work for justice as well as for mercy in the toughest moments.  Let our nation see how to promote true peace, true unity, and true friendship. 

Also, please pray for two families suffering unimaginable tragedies: One family suffering the loss of their 4 week old baby girl when the dad was carrying her and fell and landed on her. Another family where the older brother stepped on the gas instead of the brake and ran over his 10 year old brother in their garage.  The boy has suffered horrific life-threatening injuries and underwent surgery yesterday at Vanderbilt.   Please pray for complete healing for this young boy and both of these families.  Thank you!

Please offer a prayer for all parishioners and friends of the parish who have experienced the loss of a child, especially families who have had miscarriages. May each one find comfort and healing presently and in the whole grieving process.

From Candice Hofmann: Continued prayers for Joanne Massey on her speedy recovery from her recent broken leg accident that required surgery with a titanium rod inserted in the bone.

From Julie Rosario: As many of our parishioners meet those beyond our parish community in their ministries, let us keep in mind those they meet. Let us pray especially for the ones with significant health problems and little accompaniment from family or friends. Let us also especially remember the ones who otherwise have no one praying for them.  And also,  a parishioner's spouse is in ill health and would appreciate prayers.

Your prayers are requested for Diana Braun who will be having surgery on Monday, June 4 at 7:45 a.m. Please pray for the surgeon and the whole surgical team, for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for her.

From Becky Loehr: Asking for prayers for my family.   My cousin Judy was just diagnosed with colon cancer and will be starting treatment.  The doctors found a mass behind her brother, Fred's, colon. Please pray for healing of Judy and Fred.

A request from Pam Miller: Please pray for my youngest granddaughter who was at school in Noblesville
where they had a shooting today. She is physically okay. Pray for all of those involved.

Deacon John asks for prayers of thanksgiving as he finished the interviews for his chaplain certification.  He will receive official notification of his certification in July.  He's thankful for all of the  support, encouragement, and prayers as he has prepared and comforted his clients so far.

Julie Ehrensbeck requests healing prayers for her father, Hugh Ahlering, as he recovers from a fractured pelvis.

A request from Diana Braun:  Our parishioner, Marge Angermeier requests prayers on behalf of her son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Dawn Angermeier.  Dawn's mother had a stroke. Please pray for healing for Dawn's mother.

Julie Rosario asks that we remember the following in your prayers:  A friend died in his sleep last week, leaving his wife Chiara and two young daughters.  Let us offer up the daily struggles for them as they grieve. May God inspire those closest to them to embrace them as they see how to navigate life in the coming weeks and years.

A request from Soozi Scheller: I need to make a decision to maintain or withdraw life support for Jane. Prayers please.

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: I have several people that I would appreciate prayers for. The first is my sister-in-law (whose husband just died in January). She is in the hospital with stage 4 renal failure. They are moving her to hospice care. The others are: Loretta in hospital for severe pain, Ronnie for eye surgery and Dave for eye surgery. Dave has already lost one eye and I ask prayers that they can save this other one. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for a lady that was diagnosed with breast cancer and is having
a mastectomy on Wednesday. She lives in Louisville and works with my granddaughter. She has a young child.

A request from Jennie Bainbridge: Please pray for a gentleman by the name of Chuck who was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He can't have surgery until he has 45 days of chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor.

A request from Ellen Hegeman: I have a prayer request for a good friend of ours, Arrol, who was recently diagnosed with a head and neck cancer. Please pray for a good response to the chosen treatment regimen.

Please add to the prayer list the husband of a coworker. He was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and she (parishioner's coworker) is dealing with her own health issues.

Ann Britt is having heart surgery Monday and would appreciate prayers that all goes well.

Our Parishioner, Bill Nailin is back in the hospital and has asked for prayers from everyone on the prayer chain.

A parishioner asks for prayers for a grandaughter (5 months pregnant) who is having a problem with her pregnancy.

A parishioner, Paul Jones requested prayers for his wife and granddaughter. His wife,  Edna Jones,  has dementia and his granddaughter, Jamie Woebkenberg (28) has three young children and has just been diagnosed with MS.

Please pray for a young mom who is the victim of domestic violence and is struggling to make good decisions for herself and her traumatized children.

A request from Mary Britt: Please pray for me as I will be having some cardiac tests.

Fr. Alex has requested prayers for healing and strength for Jerry Moeller who has just received a cancer diagnosis.




E-mail your request to Mary-Beth Owen at or Andrea Tepool at You can also call Andrea to make a request at 812/476-9562. Prayer network members commit to offer prayers for these intentions; If you would like to be a prayer network member, please contact Mary-Beth or Andrea to be added to the group.