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Walking with Purpose


In a world where levels of despair, addiction and suicide are rising, we need more than clichés or positive thinking. Grounded in Hope, based on the book of Hebrews, will help you encounter Jesus in such a powerful, comforting, and stabilizing way that He can become your lifeline.

Hebrews contains some of the most beautiful passages you’ll find in Scripture. It will comfort you and challenge you. Every word of it has a treasure to mine, and those who are willing to make the effort will be richly rewarded.

 Grounded in Hope, our 17-Lesson Bible study, is ideal if you…

  • Long to know Jesus with greater intimacy
  • Are ready to grow in your trust in Him as your true source of hope
  • Have grown weary as you run your race, and need encouragement to persevere


Please email or call the parish center to register! 




Walking with Purpose endeavors to meet women where they are, giving them practical Biblical teaching that is consistent with Church doctrine and uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church as an additional resource. Grounded In Hope is a 17 week Bible Study that integrates Scripture with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to point us to principles that help us manage life's pace and pressure while living with calm and steadiness. It is designed for both interactive personal study and group discussion. 

No previous experience is necessary.  Some of you will find that the questions in this study cause you to think about concepts that are new to you. Others might find much is review. God meets each one of us where we are, and He is always faithful, taking us to a deeper, better place spiritually, regardless of where we begin.

The sessions are spread out to avoid busy Holiday times and school breaks. The weekly lessons are all independent of each other so if you miss a lesson you will not be behind!



Grounded In Hope a Study of the Letter to the Hebrews

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Grounded In Hope a Study of the Letter to the Hebrews


If you could use assistance to cover the cost of the book please take advantage of The Angel Fund by contacting Shelly Wolf at 812-476-3061 of