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Bible Studies

Advent Bible Study with Deacon John

Advent is approaching. Make plans to attend an ADVENT BIBLE STUDY with Deacon John:Advent and the Birth of Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. This will be a three-week Bible Study on Matthew and Luke’s Infancy Stories of Jesus.

The dates are Nov 28/29; Dec 5/6; & Dec 12/13. There will be two groups and sessions will be offered on Monday evenings at 5:30-7 pm and repeated on Tuesday afternoon sessions 1 pm to 2:30 pm at the Parish Center. The books are $15.00. You will also need to bring your Bible.

Please contact the parish office (812-476-3061) to reserve your spot so that Deacon John can order the books prior to Advent. We look forward to this opportunity for spiritual growth in the Word of God during the Advent and Christmas Seasons.



Christ Fortold: How the Prophets Miraculously Foresaw the Coming and Work of Jesus Christ

Session 1                             Session 2  Handout 1                         Session 3                           Session 4 (not recorded)

Session 5   Handout 2         Session 6                                             Session 7                           Session 8                               Session 9   Handout 3


We are grateful to Dr. Jim Ware who has given of his time to share his wisdom on the Scriptures. Click the links below for the audio lessons. 

The Story Behind the Story

The Advent of the Promise

The Sermon on the Mount


Parish Renewal - Day 4

Parish Renewal - Day 3

Parish Renewal - Day 2

Parish Renewal - Day 1