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Episode 35 | Fr. Alex talks 3D printing and discerning the priesthood with seminarian Nick Biever

Fr. Alex provides a few updates and then has a nice conversation with seminarian, Nick, Biever, about his priestly discernment and his interests in the world of computers.

Episode 34 | Will Padgett joins us to tell his side of the story

On our last podcast we spoke with Amber Padgett, who joined the Church at Easter. This week we give her husband, Will, a chance to defend himself! Will takes the liberty of hitting Fr. Alex with a few questions of his own.

Episode 33 | Fr. Alex talks novels and has an enlightening chat with Amber Padgett

Fr. Alex talks about three novels he's read recently that you might be interested in: "In this House of Brede" by Rumer Godden "The Odyssey" by Homer "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky He also has a great conversation with our neophyte, Amber Padgett, who joined the Church at Easter and talks about her road to Catholicism.

Episode 32 | Fr. Alex talks about his new assignment and we jump into May with Mary and many more

Fr. Alex talks about his impending departure from Annunciation Parish and his soon-to-be role of Vicar General. Anna and Julie join us to talk about May and much much more. Here is a link to the article by Christian Smith referenced in the podcast:

Episode 31 | It's been awhile...we catch up and reflect on the Resurrection

Sorry for our three-week hiatus...things got a little busy. This week we get caught up on recent news and Deacon John reflects on the Resurrection.

Episode 30 | We do a deep dive into the beauties of Holy Week

Fr. Alex and Anna Creek dive into the richness of Holy Week and talk about a few things that we can all do to better live these days together.

Episode 29 | A quick recap of the news and a meditation by Deacon John

Fr. Alex runs down the list of announcements for the week. We missed a segment this week, but we will get it added after Easter. Deacon John offers us a moment of meditation on prayer, fasting and almsgiving...and mercy.

Episode 28 | An interesting lesson in history with Bernard Riedford

Fr. Alex runs down the list of things happening at the Parish and gets an interesting lesson in history from Bernard Riedford. To subscribe to the parish YouTube channel, go here:

Episode 27 | Keeping Lent rolling and liturgical living for March

Fr. Alex talks about some Lenten opportunities now available and is joined by Anna Creek to talk liturgical living for March: St. Joseph and the Solemnity of the Annunciation top the list!

Episode 26 | Kicking off Lent in the Snow, Choirs of Angels and St. Joseph all in one!

We kick off the Season of Lent under a blanket of snow. Fr. Alex talks about the Choirs of Angels and how we're introducing them to our school children and Deacon John helps us to get started in our preparation for Consecration to St. Joseph. To learn more about the Choir of Angels, follow this link: