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Episode 27 | Keeping Lent rolling and liturgical living for March

Fr. Alex talks about some Lenten opportunities now available and is joined by Anna Creek to talk liturgical living for March: St. Joseph and the Solemnity of the Annunciation top the list!

Episode 26 | Kicking off Lent in the Snow, Choirs of Angels and St. Joseph all in one!

We kick off the Season of Lent under a blanket of snow. Fr. Alex talks about the Choirs of Angels and how we're introducing them to our school children and Deacon John helps us to get started in our preparation for Consecration to St. Joseph. To learn more about the Choir of Angels, follow this link:

Episode 25 | A friendly conversation with Bev Williamson

Fr. Alex shares in a friendly conversation with parishioner, Bev Williamson. We talk retirement, her career with Marian Educational Outreach and the gift of children. is the website for Marian Education Outreach.

Episode 24 | It's Catholic Schools Week and we have a chat with Chris Wolking

We celebrate our teachers this week and Fr. Alex chats with Chris Wolking about his transition from banking to the classroom. Information about the Consecration to St. Joseph can be found here:

Episode 23 | A lesson in ethics, living Lent and being on mission

Fr. Alex digs into the ethical questions surrounding the vaccine with a lesson in Catholic ethics. You can view EWTN's website to view the outline used to unpack this ethical issue: Anna Creek joins us to talk about February and the season of Lent and Deacon John meditates on mission.

Episode 22 | Looking to the Year of St. Joseph and a nice chat with Molly Church

Fr. Alex fills us in on what the parish is planning for the Year of St. Joseph and has a nice chat with college student and parishioner, Molly Church, about what it means to live the faith.

Episode 21 | Catching up on announcements, Fr. Ambrose, vaccines, spiritual growth and more!

Fr. Alex gets us caught up on the latest announcements and spends a little time talking about the US Bishops' Statement on vaccines. You can find their document here ( Fr. Mike Schmitz' podcast can be found here ( You can find out more about the Catholic Bible Summit Feb 11-14, 2021 here (

Episode 20 | Living the liturgy of Christmas and sharing in Mary's Magnificat

Fr. Alex offers a few reminders about Christmas and hospitality. Anna Creek joins us again to talk about living this Season of Christmas liturgically. And Deacon John shares reflections from Venerable Bede on Mary's Magnificat.

Episode 19 | Talking infertility and the gift of adoption

Fr. Alex talks with his sister and brother-in-law about their experience with infertility and adoption. Deacon John reflects on the voice of John the Baptist and the Word of Christ he announces.

Episode 18 | Men's challenges, Natural Family Planning and more!

Fr. Alex talks about some men's challenges that have been helpful for him ( & Kelli Lovell joins us to talk about Natural Family Planning. Resources available at or by calling 812-421-2030. Finally, Deacon John reflects on the wilderness.