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Youth Protection

Youth are to be recognized and valued by all as true gifts from God. 

The Catholic Diocese of Evansville is committed to providing education and training to adults and children to recognize and respond to child abuse. The expectation is that all adults who work with children and youth in our parishes and parish schools will agree to background checks and training programs. Volunteers and staff are also responsible for completing a Best Practices form each year. 

This includes coaches, school volunteers, and church volunteers (e.g., those who go on field trips, help in the classroom or with sports teams; those who assist with religious education, youth ministry or sacramental preparation).

For more information please contact Deacon John McMullen, Pastorial 
Assitant at 812/476-3061, [email protected]. Or, visit the Catholic Diocese of Evansville Youth Protection page.

Information video from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)