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Consecration to Saint Joseph

I have the above image hanging in my office as a gift from my previous parish. It is a reminder to me of the steady and necessary work of St. Joseph who was an invaluable presence in the life of Jesus.

Pope Francis has called for this year to be the Year of St. Joseph. He is, as Pope Francis says, “the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence.” This means that he is accessible to us. He was not without sin, but he was a righteous man who loved Mary and Jesus with tenderness and strength.

In order to celebrate this year, I am inviting you to share in the Consecration to St. Joseph. Last year during my sabbatical many of you joined me in the total consecration to Mary. I hope that this spiritual exercise can be fruitful for all of us.

In particular, I want to strongly urge all fathers to participate in this consecration. We especially need you to be witnesses like St. Joseph and to take up your role as Christian fathers with wisdom and fortitude.

Specifically, I would like to invite you to read and pray with me the book, Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of our Spiritual Father, by Donald H. Calloway, MC. This book provides a 34-day retreat (33 days of preparation with the 34th day as the day of consecration) with short reflections each day that lead us to the point of being able to consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph. I have ordered 20 copies that can be purchased at the parish for $15 (for fear that it would sell out) or you can buy it at these vendors:
Catholic Books Direct
Catholic Supply

I am proposing that we begin this retreat on Monday, February 15 and complete our consecration on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker on March 19, 2021.

So what do you need?

  1. You will need the book, Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of our Spiritual Father by Donald H. Calloway, MC. Again, we have some copies in the office or it can be found online or you could order it through a local bookstore. There is a link on our website to purchase the book online at various retailers. You are encouraged to order it by February 1 at the latest to ensure you have it in time.
  2. You will need a desire to grow in your relationship with St. Joseph. Joseph wants to lead us to Jesus. I encourage you to pray for the desire to be led there.
  3. You will need the schedule below. For your convenience, the schedule for all the days is shown there. The book is laid out very simply and is clear about how to follow these 34 days.

The Daily Calendar in preparation for total consecration








February 14


Day 1

February 15


Day 2

February 16


Day 3

February 17


Day 4

February 18


Day 5

February 19


Day 6

February 20


Day 7

February 21


Day 8

February 22


Day 9

February 23


Day 10

February 24


Day 11

February 25


Day 12

February 26


Day 13

February 27


Day 14

February 28


Day 15

March 1


Day 16

March 2


Day 17

March 3


Day 18

March 4


Day 19

March 5


Day 20

March 6


Day 21

March 7


Day 22

March 8


Day 23

March 9


Day 24

March 10


Day 25

March 11


Day 26

March 12


Day 27

March 13


Day 28

March 14


Day 29

March 15


Day 20

March 16


Day 31

March 17


Day 32

March 18


Day 33

March 19